Experts in the development of high-quality grinding wheels
Experts in the development of high-quality grinding wheels
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Sales network

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Our company specializes in the production of resin grinding wheels. The products mainly promote the Chinese and English Kingdom, Shunxin series, with complete varieties and specifications, mainly used for cutting, grinding, polishing, etc., and can provide professional orders for special specifications or non-standard grinding wheels at any time Do. The company's products are currently involved in casting, forging, hydraulic turbines, springs, auto parts, machining, non-metal and other industries. The company has developed a heavy-duty grinding wheel in response to the market demand of the steel industry, which has been widely put into the market. The domestic sales area is basically fully covered; the products are exported to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and other countries, and are sold at home and abroad, and have the right to import and export.

Name Golden Depot
Description Indulge in the world
Distribution area Facing the vast number of Chinese and customer groups in China
Price positioning Adapt to international standards
Target market Apply to all areas required by the product
Marketing concept Excellent quality, superior service
Product features Aims to solve the universal cutting in the metal process
Use abrasives Meet the international GB/T2478-1996 general type first grade sand
Strength fiber Meet the tensile strength of more than 1000N per inch width, with high strength and elasticity
Resin bond Complementary production of high-quality resin by famous domestic factories
Process description Fully automated, air-conditioned working environment production; automatic control of continuous curing oven hardening
Use of cutting discs The cutting discs are made of high-strength resin and preferred special abrasives, and their allowable linear speeds are higher than 50m/s, and they are not easy to be brittle
Use of angle grinder Safe, non-metallic, unlike steel wire brushes that can hurt people. Uniform grinding force and uniform processing results. Wear resistance, strong water resistance, special fiber materials
Use of louver wheel The louver wheel can be used for metal and non-metal materials in shipbuilding, automobile, aviation, machinery, instrumentation, bridge and construction industry and furniture

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