Experts in the development of high-quality grinding wheels
Experts in the development of high-quality grinding wheels

Choose Kingdom to achieve the future

KDB bond abrasives brand Cast brand by strength and technology

With "innovation, rigor and responsibility" as the core of its brand culture, Kingdom is committed to creating high-quality abrasive products and tailoring solutions to international standards for global end customers.


Kingdom has established a marketing team with rich industry experience and strong combat effectiveness to provide partners with nanny-style considerate services, ranging from product customization, delivery, warehousing, to offline market development, terminal sales, and personnel training. All links are tracked throughout the whole process, forming a "zero time limit, seamless manufacturer docking" service system to ensure that partners have no back-end superiority. Kingdom will build thousands of regional distributors in the abrasives industry within two years, focusing on agents and distributors, and forming a network structure that echoes each other with end users.


Kingdom expects to change the traditional marketing model within 5 years and build a three-dimensional online and offline e-commerce platform. Consumers can buy high-quality abrasive products on many platforms, such as online platforms, large hardware stores, and building materials stores. . Create a complete after-sales service system, establish a sound national after-sales service network, and wholeheartedly provide customers with perfect service. Your success is the goal of Kingdom!

4 major strategic plans
Achieve a new height of quality

KDB abrasives, from process to research and development, from material to performance, our pursuit of quality has never stopped for 20 years


Material Science


Production Process


Technology R & D


Product quality

Introduce professional equipment from Germany and South Korea, and adopt international production technology and management standards to achieve a high level of quality. Further improve its stringent quality standards, quantify and specify product quality requirements, bind the quality assurance tasks with quality assurance standards, and defend high quality with high standards. Technology is the first productive force. Kingdom respects and values science. The R&D center and engineering department gather a group of professional talents. When market demand changes and product sales fluctuate, the marketing department will feedback the problems found For the R&D center, the R&D center needs to improve the products according to the market situation and guide the production department to produce products that meet the market needs at the time.


Good products are trustworthy

Only from the perspective of the customer can we truly win the market

Service Commitment of Kingdom Abrasives

1. Design and produce strong and stable products, and always put product quality at the top of the corporate strategy;

2. Establish an excellent pre-sale and post-sale service team;

3. Supporting hotline [400-612-6036] to provide customers with high-quality and timely service;

Kingdom Abrasives Co., Ltd. has made sufficient preparations for market services and product quality, and has provided highly competitive products and prices in the market.

Exquisite grinding wheel development expert

Only from the perspective of the customer can we truly win the market

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