diamond grinding head
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diamond grinding head

Uses: used for mold grinding, inner hole grinding, fine workmanship and reliable quality, suitable for electric grinders, engraving machines, electric machinery supporting assembly, mainly used for engraving glass, jade, repairing abrasive tools and hard objects .

The company specializes in the production of resin grinding wheels, diamond grinding wheels, and coated abrasives. The products mainly promote Jindebao Chinese and English, Baoyan, Shunxin and other brands. It is mainly used for cutting, grinding, polishing, etc., and can provide specialized customization for special specifications or non-standard grinding wheels at any time. The company's products have been involved in casting, forging, turbines, springs, auto parts, machining, non-metallic and other industries. The company develops large slices of 1000mm-1860 slices for steel mills, and cuts off bars and plates in steel mills, gradually replacing imports. Heavy-duty grinding wheels have been widely used in steel mill scale grinding. Products are exported to South Korea, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, Europe and the United States, South America.

Product Description

The diamond saw blades produced by our company are mainly used for cutting, cast iron, granite, marble, brick, concrete, ceramics, etc. With the continuous development of the market, the specialized division of labor has become more and more clear. According to the characteristics and properties of different processing materials, our company has researched and developed a series of products with higher cost performance and stronger specialization, especially in terms of cutting performance. We hope to create value-for-money cutting experience for you with professional technology and services! Selection Guide Before purchasing the product, select the special saw blade suitable for cutting the material according to the different materials to be processed to ensure the processing quality and cutting efficiency of the processed materials.

Saw blade follow the steps

1. Unplug the power tool; 2. Remove the dirt on the flange and the saw blade; 3. Fasten the automatic locking nut tightly. Before turning on the power, turn the saw blade by hand to check whether it is installed correct.

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