spring grinding wheel
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spring grinding wheel

Safe selection of materials; stable production process; Seiko technology research and development; durable product quality

Scope of application: Grinding objects: train springs, clutch springs, mining machinery springs, coke oven springs, construction machinery springs, elevator springs , Electric vehicle springs, motorcycle springs and automobile springs, etc.; also used for the grinding of piston rings, engine cylinder heads and compressor accessories.

Model: 01

Packing: 1 piece/box
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spring grinding wheel

The company specializes in the production of resin grinding wheels, diamond grinding wheels, and coated abrasives. The products mainly promote Jindebao Chinese and English, Baoyan, Shunxin and other brands. It is mainly used for cutting, grinding, polishing, etc., and can provide specialized customization for special specifications or non-standard grinding wheels at any time. The company's products have been involved in casting, forging, turbines, springs, auto parts, machining, non-metallic and other industries. The company develops large slices of 1000mm-1860 slices for steel mills, and cuts off bars and plates in steel mills, gradually replacing imports. Heavy-duty grinding wheels have been widely used in steel mill scale grinding. Products are exported to South Korea, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, Europe and the United States, South America.
Adhering to the factory management policy of sincerity-based, quality first, pioneering and continuous improvement; treating people with sincerity, mutual benefit, and common development as the business philosophy; quality first, customer first as the service standard. Adhere to strict production management, insist on pursuing high-quality product quality, and insist on providing high-quality customer service. So that the company grows healthily and steadily one step at a time, one step a year.

The service commitment of Jindebao Abrasives: 1. Design and produce strong and stable products, and always put product quality at the top of the corporate strategy; 2. Establish an excellent pre-sales and after-sales service team; 3. Supporting The hotline [400-612-6036] provides customers with high-quality and timely services; Jindebao Abrasives Co., Ltd. has made adequate preparations for market services and product quality, and provides highly competitive products and prices in the market.

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